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The aim of audibus is to provide friends and family with reasonably priced production and hosting services. At the moment, this is a place to post music both in progress as well as completed for a very small group of friends.

I'd love to post other peoples music. Not everyone has the chops or the time to sweeten those demos and encode into various formats, FTP to a website, and then update a page. Granted, MP3.COM does a lot of this, but their service includes the 'drag' of banner ads, 'payback earnings' and other corporate dribble.

So this is our little peaceful island. Enjoy it. Listen to music in the catalog. Drink Milk. Look Both Ways Before Crossing. Signal Before Changing Lanes. Take Your Vitamins. Remember To Vote. Brush Your Teeth. Make Eye Contact. Check Your Posture. Forget It.

For more information, please email Sven.

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